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The requirement for a low resistance is extremely important with the installation of any earthing system. LPI’s GRIP provides the ability to substantially reduce soil resistivity in soils of the poorest electrical conductivity such as rocky ground or sandy soils. LPI GRIP is supplied in two kit sizes - A 10 Kgs kit comprises two 5 Kg containers; one 5 Kg kit contains a copper compound whilst the other 5 Kg kit holds a mix of compounds which assist in the mixing process (Hardener). When GRIP is mixed with water and poured around the earthing system and surrounding soil, the powder and water react to form a gelatinous hygroscopic mass which forms an integral part of an earthing system, this effectively increases the surface area of the earthing system in contact with the surrounding soil. GRIP will not wash away under seasonal conditions and therefore provides a permanent presence in working to improve and maintain the integrity of an earthing system. Given that GRIP does not wash away, the requirement to re-treat the soil is eliminated.

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